AWA Unleashed

”The Voice of Minnesota Wrestling” Mick Karch, wrestling historian George Schire and Chris Tubbs recap the glory days of the historic and influential American Wrestling Association.

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4 days ago

Episode 3 of AWA Unleashed is all about one of the greatest in AWA history Nick Bockwinkel. From his debut in the territory, to his pairing with Bobby Heenan, and so much more, it's a fun look into a true wrestling legend. Plus some crazy never before heard stories about the personal relationships he had with both Mick Karch and George Shire.

Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

In this weeks episode of AWA Unleashed, we touch on some of the topics that listeners have requested. When we say we want listener and fan interaction, we mean it. It's a random fire, quick moving episode that gives a little tease of what's coming up. Some of the ideas include: Larry Hennig, Curt Hennig, Greg Gagne, Eddie Sharkey, "Sodbuster” Kenny Jay, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan,  WrestleRock, Team Challenge Series, enhancement talent aka "jobbers", and more. We have so much more we're going to discuss, but this is just a small sample of what's coming up.

Tuesday Jan 04, 2022

In the debut episode of AWA Unleashed, we start at the beginning, and the one name that is most connected with it, and that's Verne Gagne. Mick Karch, George Schire and Chris Tubbs go back and revisit how it became its own entity in 1960, and how did Wally Karbo get involved? Why do some people forget about him? We get into their relationship with one another, other promoters and the wrestlers. Plus what could have been done differently for the AWA to succeed, and a common misconception? And, who allegedly is responsible for the AWA going out of business? It's that and so much more! 

Friday Dec 17, 2021

Along with Producer and WCCO Radio Personality Chris Tubbs, wrestling historian George Schire and "The voice of Minnesota Wrestling" Mick Karch relive the glory days of one of wrestling's grandest promotions, the old American Wrestling Association . "AWA Uleashed" is a trip back in time to when it was WRESTLING!! Relive the glorious era of Verne Gagne, The Crusher, The Bruiser, Nick Bockwinkel, Ray Stevens, The High Flyers, Pat Patterson, Mad Dog and Butcher Vachon, Billy Robinson, Superstar Graham, Wahoo McDaniel, Don Muraco, Kenny Jay, 'Pretty Boy' Larry Hennig, 'Handsome' Harley Race, and so many more!! George lends his expertise to the history of the promotion and its incredible roster over the years with incredible insight, knowledge and FACTS. Mick shares his many memories with behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from an 'insider's' perspective. Along with the discussions we will also have invited guests, trivia contests, and more surprises!If you grew up with the AWA, you know how massive its impact was on the world of pro wrestling. If you're more of the 'new school,' prepare yourself for some history lessons, fun and humor!!!


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